Nick's Original Coney Island Sauce
"Your online source for America's original Coney Island Sauce"

Unique Characteristics

Nothing like chili con carne

Nick's sauce in bowl

Nick’s Original Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce® is unique both in terms of its flavor and consistency. It has a hearty “gravy-like” quality that distinguishes it from run-of-the-mill chili con carne. It also has a much fuller flavor than traditional chili and features finely minced beef.

Specially made for dogs

Nick's sauce on hot dogs

First-generation Coney Island sauce makers crafted their product to combine with the other ingredients of the Coney Island hot dog. Nick’s Original Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce® both “tops” the dog and “blends” the flavors of the other ingredients into a single whole.

The miracle of “flavor coalescence”

Nick's sauce spooned onto hot dogs

No one part of a true Coney Island hot dog—which is “correctly” made with a steamed bun, wiener, mustard, onions, and sauce—can be distinguished. The real secret of Nick’s sauce is its ability to soak into the bun enough to produce the miracle of “flavor coalescence” without making the bun too soggy to hold in your hand.

Great on other foods

Nick's sauce as taco filling

Although the original Coney Island sauce recipe was uniquely designed for hot dogs, it compliments many other foods as well. See other recipe ideas for some delicious options.


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